Mihail Cosuletu / 11172014
Photo by
Cornel Lazia
Cristian Crisbasan

1. What are you doing in your life?

So far I’ve found a bunch of stuff, all very rewarding, and yet I do not feel that I have reached a conclusion and, therefore, clearly I do not know what I’m looking for

2. You are born an artist or you become one?

There is no recipe in this regard, each artistic destiny to which we have access  has its own life, independent and unique. Any standardization is a waste of time..

3.  What you see, where you see and how you see?

Anything, everywhere, and, unfortunately, as it is.


4. How you create and when you are ready to show yourself??

I do not know exactly how, but when its ready, I think I can show it.

5. How do you see yourself in 11172014 project and what are you expectations?

11 exhibitions in 11 months, an exhibition per month, prevents any tendency to charge the production with false problems, so obtaining probably the most accurate picture of the protagonist.

– what was the challenge?

motley group with fundamentally different interests and portfolios is forced to expose promptly and without pause for embellishment.

– how is the collaboration with ArtYourself?

Not incidentally, monthly.

– how do you perceive your group colleagues?

Together by the same kind of curiosity and therefore familiar.

– how do you want the project to evolve?

I cannot have such claim to a project, till now, it was clear that it has a will of its own.

–  how do you appreciate the public reaction? 

If the presence is a reaction, I really like the public’s reaction.


6.What is the role of creation and art in life??

Nobody can answer to this question, maybe individually, in sentimental key.



7. Make a question and answer to it.

Who, me? Yeah, you.