Ileana Oancea / 11172014

1. What are you doing in your life?

Currently my life is harmonious divided between studio and family –  a balance that I’m trying to transpose in works also ; I feel that what I do is a good direction , but I like to think I’m still at the beginning, and I still have much to discover for myself and others .

2. You’re born artist or you get one?

A little of both –  definitely not everyone has an artistic bent, some just prefer to taste while others do not even know the artistic alphabet; and for those endowed with the part with “you get artist” is mandatory, without a careful bending you cannot get anywhere no matter how talented you are.

3.  What you see, where you see and how you see?

” I see” around me, I am trying to see more than others what is around us and then process through my personal filter, almost always figurative, carefully for the chosen material, looking for detail that will make valuable and unique.

4. How do you create when you’re ready to show?Ideas are born from each other, sometimes in avalanche (and then write them down for another time). The idea is then processed in sketches until he finds appropriate form and will be finalized in the final material, I always letting little surprises during the building work –  gradually improves –  to feel like I “say” it all.

5. 11172014 /  How do you see the project and what you expect from it?

I do not expect anything from project 11172014, but from myself – to discover how I react when I work on a deadline for a longer period, to see what can be done on a topic acceptable but not created by me, and not least, the way in which my work intersect with the others. Artyourself brought together 17 artists, despite stylistic differences, they found a common and quick language to coexist and remains to see  at the end and how it will expose the artistic plan this relationship. It’s definitely a good opportunity to meet other artists and  their actions. I find  somehow, that I occupy a  peculiar position with my husband because we are the only sculptors of the project. But this feature stimulates further. 

6.  What is the role of creativity and art in human life?

Art is the necessary detail  in transforming need into pleasure, that opens the eyes of others about things they passed without seeing them, is a pair of glasses / filter designed to reflect a different dimension of life.

7.  Ask yourself a question and answer it.

What is the thing you give up in your art, your creation, if any?

I can give up to create?

No, I cannot!