Catalin Oancea / Portrets of artists / 11172014

  1. What are you doing in your life? What I do is less about contemporary art and more about the recovery of archaic technologies or ‘endangered’ technologies, ways of using materials and the way they relate to the surrounding space.
  2. Are you born an artist or do you become one? You are born an artist – you have some natural data more developed than others, but you also become an artist by using the data to form yourself.
  3. What, where and how do you see? Almost any image can build a start for me – a photo, another work, different objects, and nature with its forms and textures.
  4. How do you create and when are you ready to show yourself? Ideas are well kept inside my mind until they take shape more clearly, until they take an accurate shape to materialize when I find time for them.
  5. How do you see yourself in the 11172014 project and what do you expect from it? The 11172014 project I think is an opportunity to exhibit and helps me to work more consistently. The idea of bringing together 17 artists to decide the themes may seem unusual, but can give birth to a different approach to organizing a project, where the curator is common and themes are not imposed, but previously discussed and analyzed. Also, discussing themes allows discovering other artists and introduces you to how they think.The collaboration with the gallery is good, with various possibilities of display. I hope that this type of project continues, and in future years unites more artists with the same or totally different visions.
  6. What is the role of creativity and art in human life?Art is everything that is born from man and is liked, and it is comfortable to surround ourselves by things we relate to; I hope my works are seen like this.
  7. Ask yourself a question and answer it. What do you want?To be able to work.