Nostalgia dawn / 11172014 / June
17.06.2014 - 30.06.2014 Ground floor

Nostalgia is the inevitable, inopportune and indispensable  awareness of a past moment, subjective and also essential, through a process often poetic offering unique and timeless perspective,  being and  feeling the line between  “then” and  “now” equally tangible.

Nostalgia is not limited strictly to previous or real experiences, it’s land can include projections about the future, fantasies almost tangible about past historical periods or about other people’s lives and especially longings about things that we are sure that we will not ever be able to live because the chance has past.

Based on the recognition that it has the analysis of emotional-cognitive potential of the mechanism called “nostalgia”, the artist is determined either introspectively explore their own experiences or to methodically build “pseudo-nostalgia” deliberately designed to cause ‘sunrise’ of this sensation of personal immersion in his public.