Aitch  ·  Felix Aftene  ·  Gabriel Caloian  ·  Codruţa Cernea

Mihail Cosuleţu  ·  Cristian Crisbăşan  ·  Suzana Dan

Amalia Dulhan  ·  Andreea Floreanu  ·  Cornel Lazia

Ileana & Cătălin Oancea  ·  Dragoş Pătraşcu  ·  Tudor Pătraşcu

Radu Rodideal  ·  Adrian Sandu  ·  Bogdan Teodorescu  ·  Ioana Ursa


Art Yourself initiates for the first time a project witch will take place throughout the year 2014. 11 exhibition , which will include 17 contemporary Romanian artists will bring together a variety of approaches, ways of expression and artistic vision in this common project. Artistic approach with Yourself Art gallery , is to generate a possible experimental collaboration between those involved , the desired result is a group identity , artistically rich decline by all 17 artists. We invite every 17th of the month to witness this imagistic fusion.

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