“ The art is not what you see, but what you make the others see.”

Edgar Degas

Art Yourself gallery is a space destined for contemporary art, which brings in the spot light Romanian artists from different generations, visions and approaches , which are trying to express through forms and messages – ideas, sensations, emotions and searches.

Even since the opening in the fall of 2011, the exhibitions, exhibition openings and the ArtYOurself Events keep alive the connection between artists and the public, providing an extra effervescent for the artistic production, but also a continuous interaction between aesthetic and ideas.

We want through the three-pronged approach – rigorous selection of artists, consistent  exhibitions  and pertinent advices offered to collectors – to contribute to the rise and sedimentation of the contemporary art market in Romania, and the ritualization of the connection between the public and the artists.

Paraphrasing the great Ansel Easton Adams which said : “to  those  who are telling me that in my photos there are no people present , I respond: there are always two persons , the photographer and the onlooker”, we invite you to experience your own art definition.




Mihai Plamadeala,critic, art historian and theorist Yourself Art Gallery has , before anything else , an identity. Being consistent to the ideas that define you, and, in the same to evolve in some elastic directions that are looked at as more like lines than limits represent signs of professional maturity. We can talk about a family meeting in the Art image Yourself , a real brand. Among the artists that they are collaborating with and with the type of art they are promoting the above mentioned gallery covers a part of the gray area of the Romanian visual art scene, which is on a upward path after the 90’s. Is not he lack of value that was missing and of which some might say it is still the main problem. The infrastructure, the promotion of the artistic representations are the areas where we have to look for the causes of the current state of being, not really “la vie in rose”, but more important than this – the resolutions. This is the strength of Art Yourself : making the past worth and to anticipate the future. Further the only persons who will count will be the artists and the curators with which the gallery will be associated with.
Dragos Patrascu, Professor Academy of Arts, Iasi Art Yourself Gallery is one of the most beautiful exhibition spaces in Bucharest and in the whole country. The eclectic refinement of the building that hosts the gallery for more than two years, but also its location situated in one of the most beautiful areas of Bucharest, make this place a privileged one, at a European level, with nothing less than similar spaces with the same destination in Paris or London.
In a world stricken by a major economic crisis, to maintain, qualitatively speaking, a high bar like Yourself Art Gallery is a cultural act that has to be regarded with admiration. In a country where contemporary art market is pretty much nonexistent, to initiate and materialize such a project deserves all the consideration and appreciation of the Romanian cultural world.
Dragos Patrascu, visual artist
Professor at the Iasi Art Academy
Valentin Ciuca, art critic The art as a vocation
In a world hallucinating running to nowhere, the presence of a miracle that we call ART seems to be the only honorable solution to salvation. The people contributing to this project, in great part utopian , are those who still believe in hope and in human ability to reinvent themselves and with the support of those who still believe in values. Art yourself gallery committed itself with intelligence and intellectual fervor to achieve an artistic institution open to the true horizons of the visual arts.
The intelligent open to all the Romanian areas led to some pleasant surprises, the province being not at all with a complex in front of famous names. The gesture of the gallery associated with the experience of some fellow professionals of all ages, configure a route destined for fulfillment and success.
As author of some necessary albums and art books I suggest the team to present within the gallery the BOOK of ART, values so necessary in the education and the refinement of the aesthetic taste. I salute with sincere appreciation its opening towards the horizon of Value. I declare myself always along your passion with which you intent to make our lives more beautiful. If what you do has a purpose for sure it has also a direction open to the world’s horizon and the horizon of each and every one of us…
Valentin Ciuca, Art critic
Cosmin Paulescu, Dean of the Faculty of Decorative Arts & Design If you manage to overcome that feeling slightly sophisticated witch gallery space develops at the first contact, you will find a friendly and cozy place dedicated to a quality contemporary art.
Exposure is done on three levels of the villa, plus yard, thus giving unique opportunities for modular organization of events. The exhibitions of the gallery is varied, dense, but well “matched” in terms of concept and the enthusiasm of the gallery staff is contagious.

Cosmin Paulescu
Dean of the Faculty of Decorative Arts and Design at the National University of Arts Bucharest