Art Yourself@Art Monaco 2016 / Gabriel Brojboiu

He is graduate of Fine Art’s Institute in Iasi, Romania, in 1985, currently living and working like Honorary Prezident of Menthor Cultural Foundation and freelancer artist in Constanta, Romania,.

He’s working in different fields of arts, such as installation, painting, sculpture, graphics, photo,  video, poem, performance.

Since 2007 initiates and curated “Constanta Caz”,  international  multimedia project of exhibitions in unconventional spaces (ex military bunkers, unfinished villas, raillway stations and so on).

Participates in exhibitions, symposiums and projects in Romania, Japan, France, Spain, Germany, England, Croatia, Malta, Turkey, Italy, Canada and other countries.

Personal exhibitions in galleries and museums from Romania Japan and England.

Works in private collections from Romania, Japan, England, France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Canada, Belgium, Germany, and few museums from Japan and Germany.