Art Yourself @Art Monaco 2016 / Gheorghe Fikl

Gheorghe Fikl is a remarkable Romanian artist with a degree at Art University of Timisoara – Romania. He lives and works quite isolated in an awesome house and atelier on a hill near Timisoara.

Fikl’s works conceal a profound metaphysical dimension. The striking images and violent tones, in which antagonistic symbols of absolute piety and aggressive carnality explore each other from a small distance, reveal a permanent and almost unbearable psychological tension which focuses particularly on the “no man’s land” between them.

Strange worlds meet on the surfaces of Gheorghe Fikl’s opulent paintings. The grand and awe-inspiring kingdom of Life, of animals and nature, is set against the luxurious backdrop of lavish objects and decadent settings. In Fikl’s paintings two forms of bounty collide to produce a hybrid world in which glory, beauty, and elegance reign supreme.


FIKL Private Exhibition for HRH Prince of Wales – Transylvania 2013

On this private exhibition paintings by Gheorghe Fikl were much appreciated by HRH The Prince of Wales. Pictured with him in the photo are Elizabeth Tsakiroglou and Col. Michael Carrington. Mr. Fikl’s art was presented at a special by invitation event in Archita on June 8, 2013. The May 31 visit of HRH The Prince of Wales to Archita (Transylvania), at the newly restored von Sternburg House was a remarkable event.

Private Collections. Fikl’s paintings have drawn the attention of many reputed art lovers worldwide. Well known for his inclination for art, HRH The Prince of Wales personally picked one of the emblematic paintings for Fikl’s work, “White Cadillac”.

The art work proposed by Art Yourself Gallery to Art Monaco is a new version of the painting required by the HRH The Prince of Wales for his private collection.

Other international exhibition: Gallery Schortgen Luxembourg 2012

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“Against All Odds” – SLAG Gallery New York 2008