Lemon land / Galleries’ White Night, 2014
23.05.2014 Ground floor

Galleries’ White Night – Lemon land at Art Yourself Gallery

May 23, 2014


From lemons balance to their inability to escape from complex, from the state of dreaming – femininity wrapped-,  in a vacuum theory.

Explosion existence causes implosion – male / female, day / night. About lemons, moon and femininity… From yellow to green, from lemon to “this is not a lemon.”

Sour, but very calculated and beneficial. Everything with and about lemons in a conspiracy that you Absolutely must be a lemon, even green, if you like art!

 Ground floor artists: Bogdan Teodorescu, Radu Rodideal, Adrian Sandu, Cristiana Negoescu, Alexandru Nimurad, Isabela Iorga, Andrei Tudoran, Florin Pantilimon, Gabriel Caloian.

On the first floor at the gallery, Andreea Floreanu  invites you to a “Cup of tea”, between poetry and vibration, between self-cultivation and art, between watercolor and oil, discovering the world of tea or another way to enjoy life.

That same night, Publisher Baroque Books & Arts, launches Lemon land volume, author Helena Attlee, which is a colorful story of lemons and unexpected cultural history, political and moral of Italy, after arriving citrus in Calabria, in the second Century, the Arab domination of Sicily dating from the ninth century, to slowfood and genetic studies of the XXI Century.

From the citrus essential oils used in the perfume industry to the precious  bergamot oil, from the history and manufacture of jams in Sicily to the  great harvest of  diamond- lemons of Calabria, from the beautiful Limoncello to terrible violence of the beating with oranges, from the mob to the orchards of lemons near Palermo.

Each book tells a story.

Each artist confirm the story only he sees it differently.