Sasho Blazes / Mirrors of reality / Macedonia
30.11.2016 - 07.01.2017

Sasho Blazes /

I would say that my paintings are mirrors of reality. They are narratives. I use plastic elements not to copy from nature but to invent things,to enlarge the possibilities of diferent realities.  Every piece of painting has a story but what is important for the thema “Inspiration the way of creation”   is combining the abstract shapes and putting them in a context  with  figurative mode. My images are directly taken from  memories of people , places , narration from  readed books, myths , stories or film. I  work  on canvas and paper  using  mixed media . The basic idea of the composition is in the preparatory drawing. I use free abstract colored shapes in my compositions. Some objects are directly derived from them. They have a opaque caracter and make  contrast with transparent much formed shapes , corresponding with often white painted background.