Origins / Andreea Zahn / 2018
11.07.2018 - 01.09.2018


The “ORIGINS” exhibition reunites two of my hand painted silk scarves collections. This cupola name reflects my interest in the origin of things, the symbolism of sacred geometry and the meaning of flowers. Choosing the precious silk as the main textile support of the collection also sustains the idea of coming back to origins through its inherent process of becoming a fabric and a piece of art.


The inspiration for my “ALHAMBRA” hand painted silk scarf collection lies in the beautiful sacred geometry patterns that can be found on the walls of the Alhambra Palace and the trees and flowers that grow all around the palace’s gardens. The Islamic geometry that can be multiplied and extended to infinity is interpreted as a reflection of God’s boundless and his infinite compassion. The gentle myrtle flowers are a symbol of love, forgiveness and feminity and the graceful pomegranate flowers inspire rebirth and eternal love.


“QUEEN MARIE’S MANUSCRIPT” silk scarf collection represents the quintessence of a feminine spirit. It is inspired by the Manuscript of Queen Marie of Romania, a book of gouache paintings dedicated to King Ferdinand in 1906.  “Queen Marie’s manuscript” collection is about fulfilling the possibility to wear the symbols one believes in. It’s about grace and beauty gathered in the most precious silk. It’s about complementing the strict lines of old geometric forms with the roundness of fresh flowers. This magical combination creates a resemblance to a woman’s straight sense and emotional heart.