Keep searching / Liviu Mihai
24.03.2016 - 21.04.2016

For me art is generally physical and spiritual manifestation of the man approaching him of the Creator. I always have this creative feeling so I guess something inside me guides me, I assume this happens with every single artist. I think the artist has a role of mediator between society and the world as he sees it and that’s an important and motivating role for him because the artist creates messages / concepts / images influence on the viewer.


Generally I handle mostly painting and graphics but I also approach and experiment subjects in the field of conceptual and digital art. I have always been captivated by the human figure in paintings and drawings, but even now I gladly paint themes inspired from nature, mostly landscapes, but at the moment I am more focused on the valences of the human figure.

-In my paintings I use juxtapositions of elements of the human figure but also of natural origin, to draw a certain concept.. I am fascinated by the human , not anatomically, but psychologically and socially. Many times I try to represent the abstract through material forms that at first sight are not recognizable, but after a closer look become more real. Another subject I research is the concept life/death, beauty/ugly, more exactly this dualism we find everywhere. I am fascinated by the idea of transformation, human, animal and I try to describe this in my works.