Journeys / No.88 / July, 2015
08.07.2015 - 06.08.2015

Journeys  – Inner Routes and Destination,   the fifth theme of the project will celebrate the start of July through the art pieces of: Simona Antoniu (sculptor), Cosmin Bumbut (photographer), Otilia Cadar (painter), Ion Iancut (painter), Cornel Lazia (photographer), Flavia Lupu (painter), Dan Nica (sculptor), Alexandru Nimurad (media mixer), Carmen Nistor (illustrator), Radu Rodideal (painter), Saddo (illustrator).


Arriving at each new city, the traveler finds again a past of his that he did not know he had: the foreignness of what you no longer are or no longer possess lies in wait for you in foreign, unpossessed places. / Italo Calvino, Invisible Cities


To analyze or not to analyze the concept of journey through the mythical lenses of centuries covered in stories?

In literature, the travels of the hero, not rarely came with his metamorphosis, and the end of the journey announced his maturity as if this was an exact point on the timeline of existence. Voltaire was the first one to satirized this perspective, in his work, Candide, during the age of the Bildungsroman, encouraging modernists and postmodernists, who started to express themselves after 150 – 200 years. The aforementioned types of writers questioned the existence of a subject, of a clearly defined self, highlighting its fragmentation, the breakup and gathering of fragments of the inner portrait according to the outer landscape.

In the contemporary paradigm, the continuously sought migration from one place to another triggers emotions and self-awareness. The perpetual change becomes an essential pillar in the temple of existence, supporting uncertainty. Each of us links the times of becoming, to a certain journey, regardless the distance he or she completed, which creates an unchangeable pattern. The passing of the time blurs the reality of the journey, covering it into a vale of imagination and internalization, unraveling the inner perception of the self. One can become someone else just by changing the scenery and where it all took place stops being for the traveler just a dot on the map, and begins to exist as an inner mirror of the surrounding world.

Journeys romantically inspire art, while better defining the role of the artist to search for a manner to uniquely express the universal. To create an artwork about the idea of traveling underlines both the reflection of the artist about its meanings, and his or her desire to find a common ground with the viewer regarding the variety of contrasting feelings encapsulated in each journey (or in each metamorphosis). Often, these emotions lie somewhere deep down inside, as temporary thoughts we can easily manage as to match how we perceive ourselves.

The journey is the destination / Dan Eldon, The Journals of Dan Eldon