Self searching / Stanislav Cebanenco
24.03.2015 - 04.04.2015

“The Self-searching concept is a page from my own diary, an intimate space defining what I love to do and how I am true to myself.

The title and the idea of this project are targeted towards the sincerity and naturalness we can sometimes be capable of… I am using the first person plural because this exhibition is addressed to the large audience as well as to myself (a guest on Earth, just like everybody else). Unfortunately, I am nor a natural born narrator nor speaker, but rather a shy, ambitious man and sometimes a daydreamer. Drawing, Art… they became, in time, my narrator and mentee.

Starting with the technique, working style, line and volume harmoniously and greatly contributing to highlighting the anatomic expressivity, a line which narrates through a discontinuous accent, can sometimes trigger a state of mind, a story, a problem of society, a personal issue, and, of course, in some works, themes talking about our own Existence… about us, our background at on a global and universal scale, talking about me… about Self-searching. The line is continuous and travels differently by drawing, through every message, with the help of the working style.

If you allow me to simplify it a little bit: no matter the complexity of style from a technical point of view, the message sometimes or most of the times becomes simple and sincere. The tendency to draw lines and volumes helps me contour expressive faces, the voluminous line can be spinning or centripetal, according to the message you want to send to your audience. In many other works, taboo themes, characters that seem to had been taken out fairytales, a thought of mystery or of a New world.

“Self-searching” is actually a moment which has been offered to me and through which I myself am offering a moment of observation and artistic interpretation of everything surrounding me, in order to be able to mirror truly important moments for the society, for our manner of being, and for me… We could call it a “page” of who I am or of what I feel, a portal and, probably an acceptance of who we are, a moment of my own generation and not only.


I really want and hope you re-discover states, amusement, melancholy, even mystery, a thought, an acceptance of the self.

I wish you a journey full of new pleasant experiences, a reflection of a different World… but still similar to ourselves.”