01.04.2014 - 15.04.2014 First floor
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Art Yourself Gallery

Andrei Tudoran invites us to download or to delete whatever we want to see or whatever we want to forget…



Is like a folder of


A bunch of useful things, or not…

It’s like a personal mythology archive, ideas and images

Is Painting.

It is not a flashy cultural-intellectualist draft but a rather with a fine traditionalist  manual resulted from the pleasure of doing.

It problematize the contemporary image, it raises questions to inflation and to the rapidity which it appears to us in various increasingly technological ways.

Painting is not an image that is printed in the daily humdrum.

She invites you to contemplation, daydreaming and stuff, and asks you to linger in front of her.

This artistic course is a serious one: it is full of playfull, semi-comedy, self- ironic detachment, melancholy and landscapes from Vama.

Somewhat eclectic

Is with fluorescent pixel that is destroying your streaming

It contains a folder called randomly SAVE

It is infinite in possibilities and ambitions

It is all we want..

But may it be ..