Galleries White Night / 5 Absolut Senses
24.05.2013 Ground floor / First floor / Attic
Photo by
Art Yourself Gallery

5 Absolute Senses – is an event for and about senses.

How we perceive to look , to touch, to taste , to hear , to smell .

5 Absolute Senses is a White Night senses within an experiment that we perceive differently each of us.

Five senses , five artists, five different experiences

Artists present :

Irina Broboana

Project Title: Empty Room


Absurd ?

Art Gallery ?

Blind ?

Otilia Cadar

Project Title: Feel me!


Feel me!

See Me ?

Hear me!

Scent me!

Taste me!

Flavia Lupu

Project Title: Sightseeig


In the contemporary world there is a continuing need novelty and multiple experiences , even if most of the time we move in the same space . The desire for change is the one induced by the social environment that asks individuals to reinvent themselves increasingly often on different existential planes . Then we wonder that would happen if we change things according to our own wishes.

Sightseeing is a project that allows visitors to make changes to the images that they see according to the emotional state of them. The proposal is based on the ability of colors to generate biological reactions . In this way the viewer can interact with the artistic object and he can make changes , but within the limits allowed by the artist. It is practiced thus a freedom controlled by the number of possibilities allowed .

Amalia Dulhan and Dan Stanescu

Project Title: Black hole in white night


Sphere of infinite attraction . Point of infinite density . Content of infinite absence . The Black non – light. The Hole non – sense . Not seen. There is no sound . There is no smell. No taste. Do not touch. Nothing escapes .

An installation about the fascination of The Invisible Absolute conceived as an exercise of imagination and melancholy.

Isabela Iorga

Project Name : Blue


How did I come to know what we think we know ? By impressions gathered from the outside world , experiencing reality through the senses , structuring and concluding information . Independent information exists but is known to manifest needs experienced . Senses creates the conditions necessary for the emergence of consciousness itself, revealing the subject only in relation to the subject . We have two possible types of interaction with objects known : in the wild or in reliance on the senses