Love, Skin & other Fairytales / Amalia Dulhan
17.10.2014 - 31.10.2014

“Reality is a personal perception, a subjective understanding that allows categories or universal concepts to emerge and either become a form of group expression (an instance in which individuals form a whole, an organism that is indifferent to the individuals’ fairytales), or a means of personal expression to assert one’s existence (an instance involving fairytales which the individual uses to hide one’s fear of the Void from oneself). ‘Love, Skin and Other Fairytales’ is composed of two distinct bodies of work, two “volumes” depicting a fairytale about the ending of pure youth. Volume II explores different phases of the Self narrated/narrator in a seemingly never-ending carousel of portraits thematically fearful but lacking in horror. The natural, biological journey leads to the castle of Fears, surrounded by the rivers of Understanding, and inside, reflected in astrological-psychoanalytical mirrors, in which the character sees herself. Little Red Riding Hood is actually the Bad Wolf. Volume I contains various illustrations about love, beautifully bound in skin, revealing the last contemporary believable fairytale. Here it is presented in a surreal, personal manner with the flavour of tatoos found in chewing gum packages and the transience of plastic toy engagement rings. In this volume, reality is also altered by the Self. Incapable of meta-physical objectivity, the fairytale about love is one of the Self’s most beautiful creations, underscored by the similarly beautiful concept, cynical-poetic, of the invention of airplane crashes at the same time as airplanes themselves were invented.”   To D – my rainbow/ Amalia Dulhan.