Conflict of choice / 11172014
17.02.2014 - 01.03.2014 Ground floor
Photo by
Cristian Crisbasan

Conflict of choice” –  11172014 / February exhibition


Aitch  ·  Felix Aftene  ·  Gabriel Caloian  ·  Codruţa Cernea

Mihail Cosuleţu  ·  Cristian Crisbăşan  ·  Suzana Dan

Amalia Dulhan  ·  Andreea Floreanu  ·  Cornel Lazia

Ileana & Cătălin Oancea  ·  Dragoş Pătraşcu  ·  Tudor Pătraşcu

Radu Rodideal  ·  Adrian Sandu  ·  Bogdan Teodorescu  ·  Ioana Ursa

“Conflict of choice” exhibition which will be held on February  at Art Yourself Gallery ground floor offers the artists involved in the project 11172014 the main support to present their own vision of the topics relevant to contemporary globalized society.

Personal or collective gain? Immediate gratification or long term sustained effort? Grain or gluten-free? This could be some of the questions that underlie many social dilemmas, leading to the design of new models related decisions or simply part of the “tragedy” of a generation spoiled daily suffocated by too many options