Black Swan / Highly unexpected / 11172014, April
17.04.2014 - 03.05.2014 Ground floor


The methaphore events of The Black Swan, was first mentioned by Nicholas Taleb and focused solely on the financial world. Subsequently, the author extends the meaning of metaphor and considers almost all major scientific discoveries, istorical events, and artistic accomplishments as “black swans” – untargeted and unexpected.

By the same author, to be a true “black swan”, an  event must have three distinct characteristics: to be a surprise [to the observer], have a major effect, and after the event took place, to take the conclusion that it could actually be prevented[but relevant data were not taken into account of the risk probability analysis].

The “Black Swan” theory events is quite complex, generated controversy, and the metaphor was often misused …

Approaching of this theme in April exhibition , can be an invitation to artists to come out of their own development schemes of work, changing perspective, resulting a new vision, giving all and themselves a meta surprise.