01.04.2014 - 15.04.2014 Ground floor
Photo by
Art Yourself Gallery

Amalia Dulhan, Cornel Lazia, Bogdan Nedelcu, Alexandru Nimurad, Florin Pantilimon, Mihaela Obada, Ileana Oancea, Radu Rodideal, Adrian Sandu, Virginia Toma, Ioana Ursa, Ana-Maria Zaharia

 White is a conceptual exhibition between the absence and the amount of color , 12 artists, 12 looks to white, 12 white meanings . You can look through … nothing , but through all also , it all depends on how you select by your own spectrum.

We invite you to a pleading with and about white, because white is the free territory where everything can be possible. “White, who is often considered a non-color, is a symbol of a world in which all colors evaporated … It is The nothing before The beginning …” (Vassily Kandinsky)

For the White exhibition, Baroque Books & Arts publisher reissued the volume The Art of Simplicity, by Dominique Loreau , in white, limited and  serial printed edition, with white letters on white tracing , illustration supported by the 12 artists featured the exhibition White, cover being created by Ana Wagner .
This limited edition is a joint venture between us , Art Yourself Gallery, the publisher Baroque Books & Arts , which partially reprinted this volume based on the concept of the White exhibition, Monitorul  Oficial S.A., the government printing house , which supported the printing volume and Antalis , which provided paper for both, the book and the exhibition catalog .

The Art of Simplicity is a wonderful, practical summary of Japanese extraction , refinement of minimalism , about “moins pour plus” applied in all areas imaginable.

From the art of feeling good ” chez vous” to the art of  beeing happy “en vous” , Dominique Loreau, implement principles from the East to the West, based on the Japanese adage that says : ” Perfection consists not in doing unusual things , but in doing ordinary things in an unusual way . “