Aflora / Cornel Lazia
24.03.2015 - 04.04.2015

With each public display, Cornel Lazia allows us to enter a newly conceived world through the lenses of his camera. Born from the classical and evolving into a metaphor, his peculiar approach is able to create a spiritual state flooding the mind into an ocean of questions, and to let thoughts leave the safe harbor of reality to start a journey on the provoking waves of imagination, switching from terrestrial to celestial, from physical to imaginary.Surprising and surreal, the universe of Aflora is actually a new vision and manner of visual expression defining the science of plants and of the surrounding world.

Aflora is a collection of photography outshining the botanical sphere trapped in the urban landscape. The finite fractals entrapped in the vegetal details mirror complex matrices of the infinite universe. I felt the taciturn energy transfer between the ubiquitous flora, while a life-giving fluid knotted all of the concepts into a whole rejecting any immediate objections. The fragile details are multiplied in lasting systems, the subtle strokes reveal existing yet unexplored secrets of a natural fellowship between the botanical and the human world. The contours and colors are slowly transited in new natural profiles. The pastel juxtapositions result in paintings, answers and passwords for other questions. The organic parameters gain new nuances and intensities. The corollas are simplified by lightning until one of their essences of their own choice. The inner contemplation couldn’t be anything less than immersive.