Ad fractal infinitum
15.01.2015 - 31.01.2015 Zona 2

Ad fractal infinitum



  1. The explosion


The principles of cosmology will vary as long as new theories will be creates, when technology will advance, even more, we will just be put in front of a new limit of our awareness (within all the senses – or when the senses will stop making sense)


“ 1.  Every body continues in a state of rest or uniform motion in a straight line unless it is compelled to change that state by forces impressed upon it.


  1. Rate of change of momentum is proportional to the impressed force, and is in the direction in which the force acts.


  1. To every action, there will always be opposed and equal reaction.

(COSMOLOGY A very short introduction, Peter Coles, OXFORD 2001)



This principle of the explosion, and the force impressed on the explosion, will be a state of madness and chaos in the visual desire/pleasure.

In regards of the art, it can be said, sometimes, that the gateway, occasionally called the artist, would be the force. Imposing oneself on to the non(yet)erupted universe. The aberrant apparatus, sometimes-called art will strike back at the gateway producing, for a certain period of time a back and forth change of energy. Materialized energy in audio-visual perplexity.

Usually the product of this conversation will remain present for a longer period of the, composing and recomposing the Universe until further limits (or non-limits) will be discovered.

The emancipation of any colour would be,  (among other equally important facts and restraints) the dissipation of contour.

Then the chaos could begin to take its rightful place.




  1. The theory of the vacuum


Also known as spiral/ tornado/ reference to the unified forces of the field etc.


The combined blows in retrospective – will only give you the gist of what’s to come and finish a new chapter. All future in regard will just be inversed. All past in regard will just be a consequence of all the future (regarding or not)

The dates will not be as important as they used to be, regarding anything as the usual causality.

“The twin assumption of homogeneity and isotropy are related but not equivalent. Isotropy does not necessarily imply homogeneity without the additional assumption that the observer in not in a special place.”

(Cosmology, Peter Coles)

Are you considering yourself to be in a special place?

How did the facts and happenings from your second past life affected you and how do you think they’re going to mess with your customary reference to your actual waking life continuum?

And now, the most important question: Why?

If your point of station is not a special one, (in this particular example) would you be able to bend time and space, in order to create a two-way wormhole?

How do you think this principle altered past historical currency and knowledge? (Whatever that’s supposed to mean)

Let all the butterflies come in, indulge yourself, bend the time and space continuum, and the first sight of the event horizon.


Hold your breath for 10 seconds

Close your eyes.


Start again.

Break cycle.


III. Astrology as history and interconnection.



The history of us will be, at some point in time, translated into stars and space.

Space is moving away from itself, away from the doubtful singularity. Complicated mathematics can’t explain this singularity as wholeness. So in a very narrow minded, collective subconscious, if everything is moving away from everything (expanding), would the converse be provable, even hypothetically?

See this in reverse – All displayed on something looking like a roll of film, almost fractal.

Almost isotropic.

This may prove (or not) that the denser something (or space) becomes, the bigger it becomes, (even if stepping out of the quantum component) the smaller it becomes, pure in transparency although no one can see through it.

If it goes one way, it will still go the other way as well, repeating itself as it goes along. It can penetrate, it can transform, it can change.